Hesperidin 1lb



  • Natural Dietary Supplement
  • Extracted From Citrus Fruit Rinds
  • Improves Blood Flow, Helps with Bruising and More

Hesperidin 1lb :
$ 80.95




Hesperidin Powder is a  natural dietary supplement extracted from citrus rinds.

Hesperidin is a trusted product used to improve blood flow in animals during strenuous activity. It protects and revitalizes lungs after intense physical stress from racing, jumping and training.

One of the biggest problems for race horses is bleeding and the breakage of blood vessels in the throat.

Hesperidin can help strengthen fragile capillaries and help to prevent bruising and varicose veins from strain associated with racing.

Trainers all over the world are using Hesperidin and swear by it. If you are racing your animal, this product is a must.

Try it today and see for yourself!

Daily Dosage: mix with juice, water or feed, scoop enclosed, 34 grams or 2 tablespoons


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