Horses Love Lube All Plus!

Look at this adorable horse selfie with our product, Lube All Plus!

Lube All Plus gives superior joint support. Our customers love giving their horses this product because it really works to lubricate and heal the joints.



“I have used one and a half bottles of Lube All Plus on my Standardbred racehorses and just wanted to let you know the unbelievable results…”

“My horse is 10 years old and has always been plagued with hock lameness. Now that he is 10, he is somewhat sore all over, so rather than just getting his hocks injected, I thought I’d try Lube All Plus. I gave it to him everyday for the first 10 days and now just 3 days before a race. There was a marked improvement in my horse on the 3rd day!” – Ms. J

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