Air Blast™ Herbal Support



  • Energy and stamina
  • A natural bronchial dilator
  • Improvement in competition
  • Minimizes mucus buildup

Air Blast™ Herbal Support

1-2 Bottles…………..$75.95
3-5 Bottles…………..$67.95
6-11 Bottles…………$62.95
12 or more…………..$59.95


Air Blast Performance Horse Supplements

More air intake equals:

  • More power
  • Better health
  • More success

A powerful herbal liquid
supplement providing
increased air to the lungs:


“I have been a trainer for over 40 years. Recently which I very rarely try a new product. Only reason I did is I trust the people who make as I have been using their Body Builder for last 7 years. Bottom line I used their Air Blast product with a couple of horses that are good, try all the time but come up short. Bottom line 4 starts 3 wins, 1 second. I noticed the finished much better and when they came back to the paddock you couldn’t blow out a candle from their breath!! They obviously were and able to breath much- much better, therefore the results!!”
– P. Palmer

*  Energy Endurance

*  Respiratory Function & Health

*  Bronchodialation

*  Reduces Excess Mucus Buildup

Broncholidator Formula
Mullein extract, Eucalyptus extract, Elecampane extract, Ginger extract, Nettle extract, Peppermint extract, and Menthol crystals.

DOSAGE: 15cc daily and 50cc as close to the event as rules will allow. Bleeders or other severe respiratory conditions: give a 15cc twice daily

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