EPMX™ Horse Supplement


  • Clarity and stamina
  • Better coordination
  • Improvement in competition
  • Helps support the immune system to reduce inflammation of the tissues that covers the brain, caused by the Protozoal Parasite.
  • Dosage: 15cc daily.

1 Bottle…………..$200.95
2-5 Bottles…………..$197.95
6-11 Bottles…………$194.95
12 or more…………..$191.95




From the makers of
Body Builder™
The first and still the best!

Fighting EPM infection equals:

  • More stamina
  • Better coordination
  • More success

A new powerful herbal liquid supplement
that supports the immune system
in killing the parasites that cause EPM:

“EPMX is a great product! I saw the difference immediately!”
– J. Haney

EPMX Formula
A solution for parasitic infection that works!
EPMX is a nutritional supplement that helps fight an EPM infection in horses.
This product was researched and formulated by Dr. James Marinakis, OMD, ND, HMD of Boca Raton, Florida.
EPM, considered as the most common equine neurologic disease affecting horses, has been known for over 100 years, but it hasn’t been until the last 15 years or so that this disease has been reported. There are theories that indicate the reason for this is the increase used of vaccines. Vaccines, even though helpful, cause the immune system to weaken, with this, allowing for the protozoan organism to infest the horse.
Our product, EPMX, boost the immune system NATURALLY, while having naturally occurring anti-parasitic action and anti-protozoal properties.


* Oregano Oil 

* Rice Bran Oil

* Herb Extract Blend

EPMX, a Natural product that WORKS!

This nutritional supplement that has undergone vigorous testing for 2 years now, both, for efficacy and negative testing, has also been found excellent as a pre-racing enhancer.
EPMX not only helps to kill the parasites causing EPM, but it is also
good for pre-racing!
Try it for yourself. It WORKS! 

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