The Weighty Benefits of Body Builder

Three decades ago, Arnold Epstein, founder of Equiade and long-time horseman and pharmacist, was searching for an effective way to enhance equine performance. After spending time developing the product to find exactly the right mixture for maximum effect, he created Body Builder.

Known in the US as Body Builder, the product is not a hormone or a vitamin – it is a food supplement derived from rice bran, and is designed for body building and enhancing peak performance. This natural product has no side effects, and has become widely recognized as effective in building muscle in horses.

Plant sterols, such as rice bran and rice bran oil extract, achieve muscular gains due to the higher concentrations of the supplements being ingested than what is normally taken through the diet. They contain a natural compound which mimics the muscle-building effects of steroids. The Body Builder formulation is based on an emulsified liquid concentrate from high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This makes it easier for the product to be absorbed in the digestive tract of the horse, giving it the medical concentration to do its work.

Epstein is now partnered with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, a specialist in the human health medical and nutritional field with over 30 years’ experience.

Today, their most popular product remains Body Builder. The effects of the product can be seen within three to four weeks, especially for horses in poor condition or low weight. While the product is developed from a plant sterol similar in structure to steroids, it has none of the adverse side effects, and does not test as a drug. The product not only increases lean body mass but improves appetite, stamina, body and coat condition, helps calm stressed and nervous horses after demanding work or competition, and stimulates better performance in racing.

In the equine industry, more than half of the high-end Thoroughbred yearlings sold have benefited from Body Builder, and the same results are seen for higher-priced Standardbreds. Doug O’Neill, trainer of 2016 Kentucky Derby Winner, Nyquist, and Steve Asmussen, trainer of 2016 Belmont Stakes winner, Creator, have both used Body Builder Equine (Body Builder) for more than 15 years.

Body Builder is available in Canada through Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supplies, Cloverdale Pharmasave, and Wecan Sales.

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